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We arrange your accommodation, your party, your event, your meeting, your team building or your field day

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Room reservations by:     Fully booked!
Prices per bed from ~70 SEK/night       Only occasional room available until Dec 2018

Accommodation with 50 beds, common room with double kitchen and fireplace, men's and women's shower facility with sauna, washer and dryer, framed
garden with barbecue, large lighted parking with parking for camper/caravan, football field and jogging track. Reception with the possibility of hanging,
coffee, drinks and light snacks, and sometimes even entertainment, additional orders of sheets/towel package, breakfast, catering, transfers, etc, free WiFi.
Signs from Toftavägen about 10 km south of Visby and 10 km to Tofta Strand - Gotland swimming paradise. Good bus connections with 2 km to bus stop.

An early spring picture from Gutestugan in February 2017

Feel free to contact us with your other questions, requests and bookings...
For info about activities, see the website for Gotland On Tour   » gotour.se

"Apart from entertainment events are also Music- "Retreats" organized with access to cottages for rehearsal, stages for minor and major performances
as well as with the ability to capture and "Workshops", mainly focusing on handicrafts. These are implemented as association activities for members in
Kulturföreningen Gotland On Tour and study groups in collaboration with educational associations. You're registered for free as a member of the association
when you participate in an activity, but of course you can register your membership from the website and thereby take advantage of our current offers."
  Showcase from some of our Workshops at Gutestugan:
Steampunk Hats 250 SEK
fits on the windowsill
or in your car mirror...
Viking Helmets 150-250 SEK
depends on size and twine,
acrylic or lambswool...
Converses 150-250 SEK
depends on the size...
Felted Hearts 40 SEK
a brooch or on the table...
Crocheted Skulls,
from 40 SEK

just a must in your
car mirror...
Firing Roses 3 SEK/pc
light the fire or the grill ...
Test and you're stuck!
  For the upcoming Workshops...
We have not determined
when, but please sign
your interest already...
Twig Brooms 200 SEK
stylish and functional...
"Svajpar" 160 SEK
twig brooms without
Walking Wagons 240 SEK
a support on the trek, made
from forest supply...
 If you are interested in any of the items above, please send in your request to us!
 Sign up for our Workshops if you want to participate and produce your own things at cost price...
 We will return with the invitation to the next Workshop based on received interest . »

Welcome to contact us in Gutestugan :-)
Gotland On Tour +46 498 21 31 00

Stenkumla Lilla Home 424
621 95 Visby, Sweden

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